‘Ukulele Creations is a comprehensive music program based in Southern California, dedicated to "all things 'ukulele” – recordings, books, DVDs, accessories, events, workshops, private lessons – developed by six-time GRAMMY award winner, Daniel Ho, and Jason Arimoto, Ph.D.

Check out all the offerings here at 'Ukulele Creations.  And again...welcome!

E komo mai!

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Daniel Ho plays Yamaha guitars and KoAloha ukuleles.                

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'UKULELE CLASSES coming soon
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  1. Hands-on learning

  2. Seamless application of music theory...as you play! 

  3. Innovative educational tools

  4. Engaging multimedia format


Learn how to make the most of a jam session through the creative use of rhythm, counting, and playing in time using the fun and accessibility of the 'ukulele.

Requirements: Beginners should know the basic 'ukulele chords, C, F, and G


Learn strumming, arpeggios and soloing techniques to expand your playing.

Requirements: Intermediate players can strum in rhythm while playing these 5 chords in order: C, Em, F, D7 and G7

To register for sessions, contact:  Jason@UkuleleCreations.com

Lead instructor

Jason Arimoto, Ph.D. and developer of PhD Strings

"Our best selling strings! They make the instrument sound sweeter."  - Ukulele Source in San Jose, CA

"They're fantastic! Bright without being too loud and really soft and silky on the fingers. I think you're on to a winner." - Kamuke Ukulele Magazine

Curriculum Designed by

Daniel Ho, six-time Grammy winner

Polani by Daniel Ho was the first solo ‘ukulele album in history to receive a Grammy nomination.

His original composition “Pineapple Mango” is now a modern standard around the world in the ‘ukulele community.

LEARN  MOREhttp://eepurl.com/IhnVP

U-Space at the JACCC

U-Space realizes the collective dream of 'Ukulele Creations, Anacapa Ukulele and the Japanese American Cultural Community Center.  Spearheaded by Grammy winner, Daniel Ho, U-Space at the JACCC is...

  1. a Cafe

  2. ‘ukulele-specific retail store

  3. and Music School

New ‘Ukulele Classes start Sun., Mar. 16


'Ukulele 101 for complete beginners.  We'll be studying proper technique, bits of usable music theory, strumming, chords and scales, finger-picking, and even a little bit of soloing - all within the application of fun and familiar songs! Six weekly sessions starting March 16th. Sundays, 2:30-3:45pm. Cost: $120 for a series of 6 classes. 


'Ukulele 201 for players who have learned some basics and want to take it to the next level.  Knowledge of and ability to play through chords C, F, G, Em, Am, Dm are a must for this class.  In 201, we'll pick up where 101 leaves off.  In addition, we'll be studying some of what is taught in 101 only in more complex keys and at a slightly faster pace.  Six weekly sessions starting March 16th. Sundays, 1:00-2:15pm. Cost: $120 for a series of 6 classes. 

To register for classes, contact:  Jason@UkuleleCreations.com


'Ukulele For Kids ages 6-13 years old.  ‘Ukulele is an ideal first instrument to learn!  This class will introduce your little one to more aspects of Music Theory than the old standby, the recorder, and let’s be honest - 'ukulele is more pleasant to listen to!  Being polyphonic (able to play more than one note at a time), the 'ukulele teaches more about harmony, plus, you can sing with it!  Students will go from their first strum to strumming and singing songs in various genres.  Four weekly sessions starting March 12th.  Wednesdays, 5:00-5:45pm.  Cost: $75 for a series of 4 classes.

To register for classes, contact:  Jason@UkuleleCreations.com

Drills Class

These are non-progressive weekly "one-off" classes.  Consider the Drills Class your morning Yoga session.  In each class we focus on a specific technique (be it scales, or chord switching, etc.) and motivate you through an efficient practice session. There are 2 levels, Beginner and Intermediate.  Cost: $8/class.

Beginners: Saturdays, 10:30-11:00am

Intermediate: Saturdays, 10:00-10:30am

Jam Class

These are non-progressive weekly "one-off" classes.  Jam Class is designed to prepare you to jam with the ‘uke group in your community.  The emphasis here is that you can attend these group jams at whatever your playing level may be!  Each week, we dissect a song and give you the tools to play and sing along with the best players in town!  Jam Class happens every Saturday, 11:30-12:15pm.  Cost: $10/class

To register for classes, contact:  Jason@UkuleleCreations.com

LA ‘Ukulele Expo

= save the date =

The inaugural LA 'Ukulele Expo will happen on the Noguchi Plaza at the JACCC June 28th!  There will be great performances, workshops, and an 'ukulele manufacturer showcase.  Plus, we just got confirmation from Guinness of our official registration for our world record attempt at Largest 'Ukulele Ensemble.  Come help take the record from Japan and bring it to Los Angeles!  We have a great chance at it because South Bay music Educator, Glen Kamida is helping us get halfway to the record already, with his student count! :)


Join us for ‘Ukulele at the JACCC,

where Arts, Culture, and Community come alive!

244 S. San Pedro St. Los Angeles, CA

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...all under the same roof in the JACCC.  Little Tokyo in Los Angeles sets the perfect stage for Creativity, Community, and Culture, all with 'ukulele and coffee as the catalysts.